End Violence and Bullying in Central Oregon Schools

Serendipity West Foundation brings positive, interactive programs to Central Oregon schools.

Upcoming Awareness & Fundraising Event:

Five Fusion Collaborative Charity Dinner to benefit Serendipity West Foundation

Featuring: Chef Joe Kim
When: Monday, May 5th 2014 at 6:00pm
Where: Five Fusion Restaurant
Cost: Dinner tickets are $100 per person (fully inclusive with five courses including wine and beer parings)

Reservations for Five Fusion Collaborative Charity Dinner

About Chef Joe Kim

Chef Joe Kim kicked off his career at the Take Japanese Restaurant in Oakland, CA as the apprentice of Toshio Togoshi, Master Japanese chef.  Joe then served as chef at Yoshino Sushi in Alameda under renowned chef Kazu Yamaguchi.  Most recently, Joe worked with Master Chef Tadashi Kirmura at Kyoto Restaurant and as chef at IKudon in San Francisco before joining 5 Fusion and Sushi Bar.

Chef Joe has built an environment at 5 Fusion that is filled with passion, creativity, and a true desire to push the limits of cuisine in Bend.  Under his direction, 5 Fusion was selected the 2012 Central Oregon Restaurant of the Year, and the 2012 Source Weekly Reader’s Choice Restaurant of the Year, and Chef Joe won the 2012 Central Oregon Top Chef competition at the annual “Bite of Bend” event.  He was the only Central Oregon chef included in Portland’s 2012 “Feast” event, produced by Bon Appetit.

Additionally, Joe has been featured as a guest chef at nationally celebrated restaurants, including Chicago’s Alinea under Chef Grant Achatz, and Thomas Keller’s French Laundry.

For millions of young people, bullying, violence, and other forms of oppression are a part of a typical school day. Many students are afraid to walk down the halls for fear of being teased or humiliated. Others feel so alone and frightened that they cannot even pay attention in their classes.

Serendipity West Foundation is the vehicle for bringing Challenge Day to Central Oregon middle schools and high schools, providing administrative support and funding to make the programs a reality. In addition, Serendipity West Foundation’s mission is to bring this and other youth-centric programs to Central Oregon.

Challenge Day is a day-long interactive workshop where teens, teachers, and community members experience for themselves that compassion and connection are indeed possible in our schools.

To date, Serendipity West Foundation has directly impacted over 5,300 teens and 1,650 adult volunteers at 55 Challenge Days in 14 middle and high schools in Central Oregon. Serendipity West Foundation’s goal is to bring Challenge Day to every middle school and every high school in Central Oregon, every year.

How do I contribute?

Your support will get our award-winning program into the lives of the youth and the educators who need them the most. Together we can prepare our students for success by giving them the tools they deserve today.

or make checks payable to:

Serendipity West Foundation
20291 Poe Sholes Dr.
Bend, OR 97701

Our Central Oregon teens thank you for your support.